2020 Nominee

Meet the Team

Ritchie is our current CEO and the brains behind The Mountain Men, our only full time member of staff at this time, he is passionate about giving people the best possible experience and spends hours ensuring we do. 

Ritchie has spent almost all of his life outdoors, from trips out with his dad as a boy to life in the army and now The Mountain Men, he has a wealth of knowledge but will tell you himself "everyday is a school day, nobody knows it all!"

Davie is often seen out and about with us and just loves being free to enjoy the outdoors, a keen walker and cyclist he has a passion which we believe is a pre-requisite for running our Experiences.

Davie loves to muck in, he loves to share his knowledge and loves to see people having a great time, he has a zest for life and a laugh that is infectious, more often than not he reduces Ritchie to tears of laughter with his antics. 

Alex was the 2nd person to join The Mountain Men, did we say join, sort of conned into it really, he loves it! Ritchie's right hand man through the early days and the joker in the pack. No matter what the weather is doing or wherever we are you can count on Alex to bring moments of hilarity to the situation.

Recently "other life" has meant Alex has not had much time to hang out with us but he will be back and we will be all the better for his return.