2020 Nominee

We run two courses, The Hill Safety Course which is a short course designed for those with the busier life and for parents who find getting out at weekends difficult due to family commitments. Normally run during the week the HSC is 3.5hrs long and during it we will touch on how to deal with casualties (not first aid), emergency shelters and kit to carry when walking the hills. We will also teach you map reading and how to navigate using a map and a compass, the effective way.

Our second course The Hill Navigation and Safety Course covers all of the above but at 6hrs long we will spend time with you as a group confirming what you have learned, together we will navigate a series of checkpoints with you taking the lead to ensure what we have shown you has sunk in. This course is normally run at weekends but available on request during the week if time allows.

  • Hill Safety Course

    Learning is not just for kids

    3 hr 30 min


  • Hill Navigation and Safety Course

    Learn by doing

    5 hr


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