2020 Nominee

The Mountain Men Big Sleep Out 

14th December 2019

4pm - 10am

Hey Everyone, here at The Mountain Men we are holding a Big Sleep Out in aid of homelessness on 14th December 2019 and we would love you to join us. Not the best time of year for a sleep out but look around you folks, some people don't get the choice!

Government and Councils should have in the year 2019 eradicated homelessness but they haven't, shame on them, so it is down to us to try to make a difference, down to all of us.

The official date for the World's Big Sleep Out is 07th December but we are already booked out so holding ours the next weekend, the exact location is to be confirmed but we are hoping it will be in the South Lanarkshire area. Now don't let location put you off as we will have a minibus and a 4x4 on standby for pick ups and drop excuses lol.

If you want to join us we are going to charge you £30 to do so, we will have tents up, lots of them, we will have a fire on the go, a big one, we will have hot drinks and even plan a chippy run (you pay for your own). We intend to make it as comfortable for you as possible, unlike conditions for people actually homeless on 14th December. 

So what are we going to do with the £30? Well we don't want it so we will ask you to pay it direct to the charity (we will supply link) and by doing so you can click to donate the gift aid making your £30 donation £37.50. Don't panic though we will give you instructions so we can identify that you have paid and confirm your place on the night. 

All attending Mountain Men will be contributing both their time and their cash as we too will pay the £30. Our aim to raise £1500 should be easily achievable with your help, in actual fact between us we should be able to smash that.

Now you can bring the dog, bring the kids (no charge for children but feel free to donate on their behalf), you can bring your own sleeping bag, please do or you can ask us to supply one, we have a few lying around lol.

Importantly what we need is your input, your time and your cash, join us on our Big Sleep Out and make a difference this Christmas. We can all spare £30, we can all spare some time and we can all survive a night out in December, you get to go home to a warm house, unlike those we pass by and look the other way all too often.

If you can't join us please spare us a few pounds, as much as you can afford and donate to the charities here